Greetings! You’re receiving the not-quite-premier issue of the Newsletter of the Twelve Tribes. Perhaps you signed up for it on one of our websites or a friends of yours in one of the communities thought you would like to get it. We have the “Safe Unsubscribe” service to guarantee your removal from our mailing list should we have your name by mistake. This letter will be an avenue for all our friends, and even those just curious about us, to learn more about who we are as a people, the faith that bonds us together, and how we relate to the world around us. In future letters we’ll introduce you to our different tribes and communities — the regions and places of the world where we live. We’ll point you to links where you can read stories we have written about how we came to embrace a faith that makes such a radical call on our lives.

We’ll take a look at the history that has shaped people’s understanding, and keep an eye on the future as well — where the world is headed and why. Lastly, we’ll tell you about how our lives interact with our neighbors.

Although we are not political, neither are many of our views politically correct. We take our stand on the rock of God’s words in the Bible, and not the ever-fluid (and ever-degrading) standards of right and wrong in the world around us. In expressing all these things, some of us will develop columns – commentary of one kind or another – that we think you’ll find interesting, even fascinating. As with this letter, each new moon will see a Twelve Tribes Newsletter in your inbox. We hope you will enjoy it. Sincerely yours,    Kevin Carlin (of the Community in Vista, California)


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This first newsletter was sent out February 7, 2012.