Translation: Large-scale operation at the Twelve Tribes Community: Police take all the children!

Dear Friends,

We sincerely apologize for not sending out any e-mails the last three months, or was it four? Several of you have written, asking why. Others, knowing, simply wrote to express their support and condolences. We are very grateful for the support of all of our friends around the world. We are not a “popular” group to stand up for. We understand we are going the opposite the way the world is on many issues. We have convictions based on the Word of God that we cannot change or alter.

This story will need multiple newsletters to tell properly. It began with the gathering in our tribes on the eve of Yom Teruah, the Day of Shouting or Day of Trumpets (September 4, 2013). In all Israel, this is the day signaling that Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is coming. Just ten days to prepare our hearts, consider our ways, and confess whatever it is we understand of our deep-seated wrong ways. These are the very iniquities which, if undealt with, actually prove that we hate God (Exodus 20:4-6).

In Bavaria, Germany’s southernmost state, a young man, the father of two children, ages 2 and 4, made an announcement. How profound would only become clear in retrospect. As the Community of Klosterzimmern gathered to hear what our Father would say to them through one another, he spoke his faith: “None of us here has chosen to be here for this time, but our Father has chosen us to be together for this time.

Did anyone feel a chill at the import of his words? Who can know what tomorrow holds?

Samir, the son of long-time members, Klaus and Annette Schüle, was out in the field milking the cows the following morning, September 5. Samir and his little brother Helez often took care of the cows. This morning, Helez, age 13, like most everyone else, was sleeping in. The brothers and sisters of Klosterzimmern weren’t gathering until 8 a.m. that day. Although it was Thursday, it was a high sabbath, and all of our businesses were closed — all of our work set aside. Cows, however, know nothing of this, and remain ever dependent on their keepers to milk and feed them.

Does Might Make Right?

Looking up, Samir was astonished to see a long line of green and white Sprinter vans, the favorite vehicle of the German police. In fact, one hundred policemen in twenty-five vans were coming! Samir stepped in front of the convoy, stopping it, and asked the lead police officer what they were doing. Did they have a search warrant? No, they did not. Samir, age twenty-three, would not get out of the way, telling them they could not come on our property without one. Exasperated, the officer called two large subordinates and simply ordered them to move Samir aside. The convoy rolled on. The law, like Samir, was simply moved aside by force.

Might makes right. Ever since, this seems to be the principle lesson the authorities desire to teach us. We have proven to be slow learners.

Many, many vans of the Jugendamt, the Youth Office of Germany, were accompanying the police. Thus the nightmare of the parents and children of the Communities in Klosterzimmern and Wornitz began. This has been the most stunning, the most sickening, the most internally grinding circumstance we have ever faced in any of our tribes. Through it all we are learning to give thanks, and to depend on our Father. He hears the cries of His needy ones.

Excuse me, please, what kind of country do we live in?”

This was the question in one woman’s heart as she heard the callous words of officials taking our children without showing them any court documents, without anyone’s individual names, or the names of their children. The official actually asked us the courtesy of not calling about their children today since they had a lot to do!

Then the parents surrounded and prayed for their children, crying out to God to deliver and protect them. Will the prayers of the parents be heard? The answer to that sobering question will be the subject of the next few Twelve Tribes Newsletters. For the rest of Johanna’s account, visit this page: http://twelvetribes.org/articles/eyewitness-account-taking-children-twelve-tribes.








The same kind of treatment the Nazis gave the Jews

No, not the gas chambers, but the dehumanization, the herding, the seizing of human beings, and the suspension of human rights for some “greater purpose.” We have also been lied to repeatedly by officials of the Jugendamt (the Youth Office of Germany). We first found this out in the immediate aftermath of the Raid as we were unable to even find out where our children were, let alone see them or talk to them. They had looked us in the eye that day and told us we would be able to, but they lied. Since then, more and more, their deliberate attempts to estrange and alienate our children from us are coming to the light. This is the painful truth.Johanna and friend mourning

Here is another account of the Raid: http://twelvetribes.org/articles/raid-community-klosterzimmern-report-eye-witness.

Nor are we above the law, but there is a law greater than man’s law, and to that Lawgiver we must render an account one day, no matter what the consequences. This is the conviction forming in our hearts. We will write more of the story in future Newsletters.

Around twelve days after the Raid, one of our children, a foreign national, was released by the judge presiding over the cases from the Community in Wornitz. Around two months later, a youth turned eighteen, left custody, and returned to the Community in Klosterzimmern. Two weeks later, more exciting news broke.

Until the next newsletter, see our blog at http://twelvetribes.org/blog/a-law-against-love for many insightful essays, beautiful poems, and heartrending cards and letters from our children in captivity. Here’s an example:

Drawing Text


…to my most dear parents. My heart is for you!
I miss you so much and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about not being with you. I love you so very much and I have no idea how to live without you. It seems like a nightmare. I am not doing so well, but the phone calls help me to endure. I am trying to make the best out of it and encourage the younger ones. I know that our Father is my only hope to endure. I pray alot and know that He has only best intentions for us. I want to trust and hold fast my conviction. A piece of my heart is broken, since we are separated, but I know that our Father will reward those
who will endure until the end. There is much in my thoughts and heart that I want to tell you, but unfortunately I must end now.

You are all I have and I love you beyond anything else.
I appreciate you,
Yours, Besorah (age 14)


Love – the love of parents for their children – is bearing fruit on the earth! These children love their parents, because their parents first loved them. That is the truth of Proverbs 13:24.


For the communities of the Twelve Tribes,

Kevin Carlin

Read more about Besorah’s family.

Published as Newsletter 22 on December 4, 2013.